Double Leather and Pearl Shell Bracelet
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Sit back, relax, gaze at your wrist and Poof!  You are transported to the beaches of Oahu's North Shore...which are arguably some of the finest in the world.  Due to the individual nature of this piece, each bracelet is slightly different.  All of the shells are collected along Hawaii's beaches.  The white shell makes the pearl gleam with full bodied color and radiance. 

  • Length: 7 Inches
  • Pearl Size: 8.50mm-9.50mm
  • Pearl Type: Cultured Freshwater Pearls
  • Surface Quality: 95-100% Blemish Free
  • Pearl Overtone: Metallic/Rose
  • Pearl Quality: AAA
  • Pearl Shape: Cylindrical
  • Setting Material: Leather and Hawaiian Sea Shell
  • Condition: New

Double Leather and Pearl Shell Bracelet

Price: $35.00
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