Freeform Bead Nucleated Freshwater Pearl
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I shuffled through many pearls to find these.  They are bead nucleated...which is rare for a Freshwater pearl.  Most Saltwater pearls are bead-nucleated, which is why they (can be) larger, and more round.   Saltwater pearls are nucleated in the gonad of the oyster, which allows adequate space and lubrication for the pearl to form around the bead.  Because Freshwater pearls are nucleated in the lining of the mussel, there is less space for the pearl to form around the bead nucleaus.  This is why bead nucleated Freshwater pearls are typically obviously bead nucleated and actually look like a "Fireball."  This is not the case with these gems!  The nacre is thicker and more evenly distributed.  The colors are all natural. This pearl is perfect for the woman who admires one of a kind pieces.

  • Pearl Color: Peacock
  • Pearl Size: 12.0*27.0mm
  • Pearl Type: Bead Nucleated Cultured Freshwater Pearl
  • Surface Quality: 90-95% Blemish Free
  • Pearl Quality: AAA
  • Pearl Shape: Freeform.
  • Condition: New

Freeform Bead Nucleated Freshwater Pearl

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