Freeform Keshi Freshwater Pearl
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Unlike the bead nucleated pearls, this pearl is pure nacre! Keshi pearls form naturally in the mussel, without being instigated by man. Though they are "natural" pearls in this sense, they do form from mussels on a pearl farm.  It is rare to find Keshi pearls that are this large and "complete" in their shape and size.  I particularly was drawn to this one because I thought it looked like an "Elephant."  This pearl is also incredibly iridescent, and shifts color dramatically according to the environment it is in. 

  • Pearl Color: Silver
  • Pearl Size: 14.0*19.0mm
  • Pearl Type: Keshi Freshwater Pearl
  • Surface Quality: 95-100% Blemish Free
  • Pearl Overtone: Silver and Rose
  • Pearl Quality: AAA
  • Pearl Shape: Freeform
  • Condition: New

Freeform Keshi Freshwater Pearl

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