The Circle: Cultured Freshwater Pearl Friendship Earrings
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Circles represent centering, infinity, wholeness.  The design of these earrings is a metaphor for the circle of friendship, with the inner pearl representing the heart of the friendship, and the outer pearls endlessly cycling around the heart to form a protective ring.  The outer pearls are white rice pearls, and the inner pearl is a semi round iridescent lavender pearl.   All pearls are natural in color and have strong luster.  My Father came up with this design after recalling the days when guys would "pin" their girlfriends once they were ready to "go steady."  He went on the wonder what women could give women that would symbolize the same loyalty...

  • Matching: Excellent
  • Pearl Color: White and Iridescent Lavender
  • Pearl Size: 7.0mm and 9.0mm
  • Pearl Type: Cultured Freshwater Pearls
  • Surface Quality: 90-95% Blemish Free
  • Pearl Quality: AA+
  • Pearl Shape: Rice and Semi Round
  • Setting Material: Rhodium Plated .925 Sterling Silver
  • Condition: New

The Circle: Cultured Freshwater Pearl Friendship Earrings

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